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Okot Olaa

Okot Olaa

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In Africa and across the globe, the twin threats of internal fraud and workplace harassment continue to cause companies a great deal of problems, whilst also taking a significant financial toll.

The introduction of a platform through which employees can anonymously report instances of fraud, theft, bullying, or harassment can go a long way to eliminating these problems from your company. 

But first, let’s take a look at these issues in a little more detail.

Internal fraud and employee theft

Internal fraud and theft committed by employees are hugely costly issues for companies. Globally, companies lose an average of around 5% of revenue due to internal fraud alone each year.

This problem is particularly acute across the African continent. For example, in South Africa 41% of fraud was committed by internal employees, compared with only 36% by external actors.

But it’s not just fraud that’s causing African companies headaches, but employee theft too. Again, taking South Africa as an example, 778 out of 1,000 companies surveyed in a recent poll had experienced instances of employee theft, a huge proportion.

Sexual, physical, and verbal harassment

Research conducted at the end of 2022 showed that around 1/5th of employees globally had experienced some kind of harassment in their place of work.

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Africa is no different, with another poll reporting that 18% of workers in southern Africa had experienced workplace harassment. This harassment can take many forms, including bullying, mobbing, sexual harassment, racism, prejudice and others.

Unfortunately, only half of those affected actually tell anyone about it, including their friends.

Not only is this harassment traumatic for the employees affected, but it is also costly for the companies themselves. It costs on average the equivalent of 6 months’ salary to replace an employee that leaves because they are unhappy at work and studies have suggested that around a third of employees have quit their jobs due to harassment.

This is where FaceUp comes in. 

FaceUp - the solution

FaceUp is an online anonymous reporting tool that allows anyone who has been the victim of or witness to any kind of misconduct in the workplace to report it to the relevant individuals within their organization. They can do this using the online application or via the recently added hotline functionality.

FaceUp has a number of extremely useful features to facilitate this process, chief among which is the ability to send reports anonymously, thus protecting the individual from retaliation. FaceUp also offers a high level of data security and full customization, all at an extremely competitive price.

faceup whistleblowing

The result is not just a happier workforce, which values the culture of openness and transparency, but also less money lost to fraud, theft, or replacing disillusioned employees and even an increase in productivity to boot.

Get in touch with our specialist today to arrange a free demo to see how FaceUp reporting tool can help in your organization.

faceup whistleblowing


Okot Olaa

Okot Olaa

2 min read
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