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FaceUp meets all the requirements of the EU Whistleblowing Directive and whistleblowing laws around the world.

Reporting form for whistleblowers

Anyone can send a report in just 2 clicks
Reports can be sent by filling out the form (on the web or FaceUp application), recording a voice message or calling the hotline. The form is available in 113 languages.
Attachment Icon
Up to 5 files can be attached to a report.
Anonymity Icon
Anonymous whistleblowing
FaceUp guarantees anonymity for whistleblowers, but they can also reveal their identity whenever they want.
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Link to other channels
FaceUp can easily be integrated through API with your company intranet, website, or app.
Whistleblowing software reporting page

Reporting channels

Completely customizable reporting forms
For each form you can set your own text, reporting categories, additional questions, and options for anonymous reporting and assignees.
Telephone hotline
Whistleblowers can submit a report via telephone. You will see this report in the administration area.
Edit the first page of the reporting form and also to create further new pages.
Working hours
Set a notification which will be displayed to the sender if they send a message outside your working hours.
Whistleblowing software Reporting channels

Report management

Návazná komunikace.svg
Two-way communication with whistleblower
You can ask the whistleblower for any further information you need.
Due date
For each report you can set a reply deadline. You will receive a notification three days before the set deadline.
sprava podnetu.svg
Allocating assignees, entering internal comments, setting report priority and your own labels
pracovní doba a uatomaticka odpoved.svg
Manually add reports
You can also add reports which you have received in person or via email. This not only gives you a complete overview but also fulfils your legal obligation to record all reports.
whistleblowing system administration

Easy setup and user-friendly interface

organizacni struktura.png
Organisational structure
Create your own account structure based on your branches or departments, to which you can add members. You can also add members to individual reporting categories.
Form na míru.svg
Team members
Add your team members and decide which report each individual member will manage. You can allocate more complex issues to external consultants.
pracovní doba a uatomaticka odpoved.png
Automatic due date
Set an automatic 7-day reply deadline for each new report. You will receive an email notification when this deadline elapses.
E-mail notifications
Set up notifications for new reports, messages, comment replies, report allocations and upcoming deadlines.
whistleblowing system settings

Data and analysis

Clear visualisations and analysis
In just a couple of clicks you can display all data in graph form and filter it according to period, label, priority or organisational units.
Export dat a tisk.svg
Simple data exporting and printing
You can easily download data in PDF or spreadsheet format and print it out.
historie aktivit.svg
Activity log
In the administration platform you can see all activities, conversations, member assignments, report status changes and more.
Data hosting in EU, US or elsewhere
Whistleblowing analytics

Other benefits of FaceUp Whistleblowing System

External specialists service
We work with external partners (psychologists, lawyers etc.) who are on hand and ready to help.
Legal requirements
FaceUp complies with GDPR, the EU Whistleblowing Directive and the Whistleblower Protection Act.
Support, training and guidance materials
Examples of employer communication templates, legal documents and more.
Servers based on your location
Your data will be stored on servers in a region of your choosing.
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