FaceUp –⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ A secure platform for reporting unethical behavior

  • Enhance transparency and compliance with international standards & policies. FaceUp helps with the early detection of fraud and corruption, preventing financial losses and protecting your reputation.

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channel to report unethical behavior

FaceUp enables employees and stakeholders to report wrongdoing in minutes

FaceUp enables confidential reporting for thousands of employees worldwide on corruption, discrimination, mobbing, ethical issues, and problems of a sensitive nature. It is simple, user-friendly, secure, and available in 113 languages.

  • Whistleblowing Administration
    Anonymous reporting
    Create as many channels as you need (reporting forms, telephone lines), then adjust as you wish.
  • Whistleblowing Send report
    Advanced case management
    A complete report overview, labeled and prioritized, with internal feedback and analytic statistics.
  • Whistleblowing Communication
    Packed with handy features
    Build your organizational structure, control permissions, automate responses, and manage email communications seamlessly.

Trusted by more than 3,700 organizations worldwide

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FaceUp contributes to achieving the goals of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030

  • Build an Open, Effective and Globally Integrated Business Environment

  • Drive Significant Improvement in the Efficiency of the Labour Market

  • Developing a Highly Skilled, Highly Productive Workforce

  • Enhance Competitiveness

  • Further Increase National Women Participation in the Labour Force

  • Attract Skilled Workforce


FaceUp helps companies establish transparent business cultures and fostering ethical accountability

  • Prevention of frauds and corruption

    Providing a formal reporting channel for employees, suppliers, and stakeholders allow them to report unethical behavior, fraud, corruption, or other misconduct. 

    FaceUp allows you to uncover instances of fraud more quickly, saving your money and protecting your company’s reputation.

    Prevention of corruption
  • Investment and business growth with European standard compliance

    Aligning with EU standards under the Whistleblowing Directive enhances transparency and showcases your commitment to ethical practices.

    Attract investors, customers, and partners while also meeting ESG benchmarks, driving business success.

    European policies for business partners
  • Addressing mental health and well-being in the workplace

    Promote a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. FaceUp helps to create a supportive environment for employees to come forward with concerns without fear of retaliation. 

    FaceUp builds employee trust, increases engagement in the company’s activities, and fosters long-term loyalty.

    Mental health

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  • Written and voice reporting
  • Report management
  • Follow-up communication
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  • 10 administrators
  • 3 customisable reporting forms
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  • 113 languages

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  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited customisable reporting forms
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  • 3 landline numbers free

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