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Complying with California's SB 553: A Quick Guide for Employers

Discover how to comply with California's SB 553 and enhance workplace safety with our quick guide for employers. Learn essential requirements, from violence prevention plans to employee training, and find out how FaceUp's software can simplify compliance. Don't miss crucial steps to protect your employees and avoid hefty penalties.

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How to Embrace Speak Up Culture: 5 Essential Steps for U.S. Organizations
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How to Embrace Speak Up Culture: 5 Essential Steps for U.S. Organizations

Discover the essential steps to cultivate a robust speak up culture within U.S. organizations with our guide. Learn how to implement effective whistleblowing policies, training, and rewards to enhance transparency, employee well-being, and brand integrity with FaceUp's whistleblowing software. Start your journey toward ethical excellence and open communication today.

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Benefits of speak up organization
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Why Should U.S. Organizations Embrace Speak Up Culture?

Uncover strategies to implement whistleblowing software that increases employee engagement and supports business growth. Harness the benefits of transparency and engagement in your organization. Embracing speak up culture in U.S. organizations boosts innovation, trust, and financial performance through open communication.

7 min read
USA harassment
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The Power of Anonymity in Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment

Harness the transformative power of anonymity in combating workplace sexual harassment. Practical steps for creating a safer, more inclusive environment with FaceUp’s anonymous reporting systems. Dive into insights and solutions that empower employees and organizations to speak up against harassment. Contact us today and transform your workplace culture.

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Culture in US Companies
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Overcoming Speak-up Culture Challenges in the U.S.

The absence of a robust speak-up culture ​​in the high-stakes environment of corporate America can be a silent killer. When you factor in unchecked misconduct, stifled innovation, and a disengaged workforce, it’s safe to say, the cost of silence is steep. American companies lose billions annually due to unresolved workplace issues. 

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Embracing a New Era of Whistleblowing and Empowerment in Africa

In countries like Africa, with diverse cultural and legal environments, the need for a shift toward open communication and employee empowerment is paramount. With a rich background in business, law, and workplace ethics, Okot Olaa’s role is pivotal in establishing FaceUp as more than just a whistleblowing software company but a vehicle for promoting a culture of transparency and integrity within African organizations.

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Whistleblowing in Poland
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Poland will implement whistleblowing law in spring 2024

Poland has announced that the transposition of EU Directives – including the Directive on Whistleblower Protection will be a priority of the new coalition government, sworn into office in Poland in December 2023. A new draft law on protecting persons reporting breaches of law was published in January 2024.

4 min read
Employee feedback software
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Elevate employee engagement and drive organizational success with feedback software

Employee feedback software is a tool designed to capture the insights, suggestions, and opinions of your team members, fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. While customer feedback has been a cornerstone of business improvement for decades, forward-thinking companies across the US are increasingly valuing employee input as a critical resource for enhancing their operations and workplace culture.

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