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Why did Pinya HR decide to integrate FaceUp as a new software module? Interview with Dita Salajková.

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Pinya HR is a system for managing HR processes and has recently integrated whistleblowing platform FaceUp as a new module. As a result of this partnership, employees can easily and securely submit their concerns regarding unethical conduct in their company for investigation. In just one click, they can quickly and easily move from Pinya HR directly to the FaceUp reporting form, where they enter their report and submit it for evaluation. We spoke with Dita Salajková, the product manager responsible for this integration.

What made you decide to include a whistleblowing module in Pinya HR? Was this module planned for a long time or did you start to think about it after the law changed?

We started to consider implementing the module on the back of client requests. The ability to submit reports clearly belongs in a piece of HR software since a large portion of reports come directly from employees. In many respects, Pinya HR is a self-service tool for employees, they can manage things such as vacation requests or take part in online training courses. In all likelihood, this would also be the first place they would look to submit a whistleblowing report.

Why did you decide to work with us? Did you consider developing it in-house?

Of course, our development team debated whether we could build the module ourselves. After an initial analysis, we opted to partner with an established provider. It made sense for us to use a platform that is separate from the data and identities in the HR system, allowing for completely anonymous reporting. Moreover, our clients can use it to garner reports not only from their employees, but from other stakeholders, such as suppliers or customers.

Did you look at other platforms? Why did you choose FaceUp?

We considered several tools. We went for FaceUp because it fulfils all the legal and security requirements stipulated in the legislation. Another big plus is the fact that it is extremely intuitive to submit and work with reports, both for the whistleblower themselves and the person handling the report. In addition, FaceUp provides instruction templates and materials to communicate the introduction of the tool within a company, which is hugely appreciated by most of our clients.

What did the partnership process look like, from the first meeting up to the integration into Pinya HR?

In terms of planning the new product features, it was my role to find the right tool and, together with the development team, to come up with an integration method into Pinya HR. From the very first meeting with FaceUp we were on the same page. You have a very well-thought-through partnership programme, so the main task was to choose the partnership and communication type, everything else looked after itself.

How does an integration like this actually work?

The integration consists of the ability to submit reports directly from the Pinya HR environment. An employee can see the option to submit a report within the system that they are familiar with using to manage a range of HR tasks. From the system’s home dashboard, they arrive at a page which, even before submitting the report, informs them how the report will be processed, that their report is anonymous etc. For the person who processes reports, there is a link in Pinya HR which takes them to the report admin area.

What are the benefits of using a whistleblowing platform through Pinya HR?

We always strive to maintain a good relationship with our clients based on trust, most of them know members of our support team personally. A big advantage of using a whistleblowing platform through Pinya HR is that these same familiar faces can help our customers set up the whistleblowing module and provide training. The environment is therefore integrated not just for the whistleblowers, but also for those who are responsible for managing the whistleblowing channel. Another advantage is that if the need for expert legal consultation arises, we can contact the customer through our partner legal office. Last but not least, as part of our partnership agreement with FaceUp, we are able to offer significantly lower licensing rates.

What is the most common reaction of your customers?

We have offered the module since mid-July and since we launched it on production, we have received a great response from our customers in larger firms. Several of them have already acquired the new module, whilst others are discussing it internally. The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive, not least due to the simplicity of implementing the module. We are able to set up and activate everything for the client in just one short meeting.

What impact do you think this module will have on the working environment and company culture of those businesses using Pinya HR?

Our long-term strategy is to use Pinya HR to support open communication. We have come across dozens of companies at business meetings and training courses and our experience is that a transparent culture founded in maximum communication equals happy employees. It is a pleasure to work as a supplier for these companies. The ability to securely submit a report of problematic conduct is definitely a step towards employees feeling safe in the workplace.

4 min read
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