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How to effectively implement a whistleblowing system in your organisation?

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Helena Jezkova

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The introduction of a new whistleblowing system cannot go unannounced - it is important to have an official release and a communication strategy. This step is key, as it will affect the usage of the system in the future. 

Employees need to understand why the company is introducing the online trust box, for example because of legal requirements, investor demand or to increase employee satisfaction. It is important to consider concerns employees might have and address them. The tool has to be perceived as anonymous and credible. 

Companies need to make sure that the employees understand how to use the tool and what happens with their report once they submit it. It is also important to address what happens if a whistleblower is identified and what are protections set in place. Even with the anonymous tool, employees can be afraid of being recognised, and these fears should be addressed. As stated previously, the organisation is not obligated to address every report. If the report is using vulgar language or in any way inappropriate, the resolution specialist can ignore it.

The release is not the final step. It is important to regularly remind employees about the whistleblowing system. This will ensure that even people who make reports only occasionally know about the system and how to use it. If needed, online trust boxes offer the possibility to ask employees for feedback instead of waiting for it, as it allows organisations to create anonymous surveys and distribute them to their workers.

Resolution specialists 

When setting a whistleblowing system it is crucial to determine who will take care of the reports. This can be done by either internal or external personnel. Online trust boxes allow flexibility in this regard, as different reporting categories can be assigned to different resolution specialists. The number of resolution specialists should be limited and determined in advance. Their duties should be clearly defined and contractually mandated. They are supposed to be discreet, as the information shared can be sensitive. They are obliged to address all the tickets and communicate with the reporter and other relevant parties. This way, companies minimise the possibility of human error.

To evaluate the benefits of the notification system, companies should introduce metrics by which they can quantify the benefits, such as:

  • The number of reports submitted per month
  • The percentage of notifications judged as justified
  • The average response time per report
  • Potential financial savings as a result of detecting reported problems
  • Results on the satisfaction surveys sent to the employees
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Helena Jezkova

2 min read
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