FaceUpwhistleblower system

The FaceUp whistleblower system provides a secure and anonymous channel for employees to report unethical or illegal activities within their organization, without fear of retaliation. Implement a whistleblower system today and empower everyone to speak up without hesitation.

Whistleblowing laws compliant

Why implement a whistleblower system in your organization?

FaceUp’s whistleblower system allows employees to report unethical or illegal activities within their organization in a secure and confidential manner, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. 

The implementation of a whistleblower system is an essential step for companies to uphold their ethical standards and protect their employees and brand. By providing a trusted platform through which whistleblowers can speak up, companies can address any issues promptly and effectively, whilst keeping the matter inside the organization.

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Why choose FaceUp as your whistleblower system?

FaceUp is an affordable, feature-rich whistleblower system trusted by more than 3,900 organizations across the world. FaceUp is compliant with whistleblowing legislation and allows you to create reports in just a couple of clicks.

Written and oral reporting
Allows anonymous and confidential whistleblower reporting for employees, 24/7
2-way communication
Multilingual reporting (113 languages)
Advanced report management
The highest level of data protection
Easy setup and user-friendly interface

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Everything you need from whistleblower system

Whistleblowing software reporting page

Customisable reporting form

  • Edit text, logos and reporting categories

  • Whistleblower reports can be messages, anonymised voice notes and attachments

  • Anonymous and confidential reporting

  • Integrates easily with your existing tools

  • Create as many forms as you need

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Report management

  • Case overview

  • Two-way communication

  • Allocate a report to a specific assignee

  • Add labels, priorities, due dates and internal comments

  • Filter by everything - e.g. overview graphs, exports

whistleblowing system settings

Easy setup and user-friendly interface

  • Set up your own organisational structure

  • Access management - by category, department and 3rd parties

  • E-mail notifications set up and due dates monitoring

  • Automatic out of office replies

  • 113 languages

whistleblowing secure system

Maximum data security and legal compliance

  • Absolute anonymous - we don’t share your data with 3rd parties

  • Security - E2EE (optional encryption), 2FA, SSO, penetration testing

  • Compliant with EU Whistleblowing Directive & Whistleblower Protection Bill

  • GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified

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HR Executive, ADvTECH Group

5 stars

FaceUp has helped us tremendously. Our experience with the whistleblower system so far has been exemplary. It is easy to use, works seamlessly, and has great features. The FaceUp team also provide amazing customer service.



HR Director, Sportisimo

5 stars

Employees send us various proposals and small improvement suggestions via FaceUp. So far, we have seen only positive reactions from employees who have adopted whistleblower system FaceUp as a friendly tool.

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Fight bullying in schools – CSR

Every company that joins FaceUp whistleblower system receives 5 free school accounts that they can gift to any schools they wish.

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