What is anonymous reporting and why is it so important?

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    Anonymous reporting is when an employee or stakeholder within an organization submits a report detailing an instance of wrongdoing or illegal activity without revealing their identity to the individual charged with receiving the reports. 

    Their report could contain evidence of internal fraud or theft, bullying, harassment, or some other kind of misconduct. It might also contain a suggestion for an improvement to the way the company operates.

    What are the benefits of anonymous reporting?

    Adding an anonymous element to your whistleblowing process has a range of benefits for both the company and the whistleblower. Here are a few of the key ones.

    For the whistleblower

    • Confidence to submit a report without revealing their identity
    • Avoid any potential retaliation, such as bullying or lack of career progression
    • Being part of an organization that is open, transparent and encourages honest feedback
    • Feeling valued and heard

    For the company

    • Greater likelihood of receiving reports
    • Save money otherwise lost to fraud or theft
    • Opportunities to unearth lucrative ideas that might not have been shared
    • Keeps issues inside the organization, avoiding negative media attention
    • Compliance with whistleblowing legislation and other standards and certifications

    How do I implement an anonymous reporting tool in my organization?

    The key to successfully implementing an anonymous reporting tool is clear communication. This involves an announcement of the introduction of the tool, an explanation of how it works and when it should be used, plus regular reminders and follow up training sessions to ensure take up.

    FaceUp is a secure, intuitive and easy to use anonymous reporting tool with a rich set of features. FaceUp can provide you with some handy materials and templates to make sure that implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

    For a reasonably priced, feature-rich system with the highest level of security and usability, why not give FaceUp reporting tool a try? Book a consultation with our specialist today.

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