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A detailed look into opportunities, possibilities and risks in reporting unethical behaviour. In addition, you will find fresh data and options for dealing with corporate whistleblowing and the available solutions.

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Whistleblowing - just a bureaucracy or an opportunity for your company?

More than half of the employees who witness unethical or unlawful conduct in their company keep quiet about it in front of their supervisors. However, almost three quarters of them also admit that they would be happy to share information about fraudulent behaviour with an outsider - the media, the police or a lawyer. Preventing this is very easy. We'll show you how and back it all up with new data, figures and stories of companies that have dealt with whistleblowing. You will also read:

👉  what to consider when implementing whistleblowing in your company,

👉  what options you have as a company,

👉  what the introduction of a whistleblowing support system can do for you.

Numbers you should know

Companies with whistleblowing systems have fewer lawsuits, lower costs of dealing with disgruntled employees, or almost half the negative media coverage.

7 %

fewer lawsuits for companies with the WB system

20 %

lower employee compensation costs

46 %

less negative mentions in the media

43 %

workplace fraud is detected through internal notifications

Table of content

How to introduce whistleblowing system
Metrics companies can use to measure the success of their WB system
Current whistleblowing solutions
Online whistleblowing system compared to other tools
Checklist: how to effectively implement
Current data from the world

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