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How FaceUp has helped clients improve transparency in their organization?

Read our clients' real world experience of implementing FaceUp and how it has allowed them to create a culture of openness where no-one is afraid to speak up.

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Hear from our satisfied clients

“Thanks to FaceUp, our employees send us 15 relevant suggestions each month.“

Tomas Rodny, HR Director

Sports equipment retailer SPORTISIMO has more than 200 stores in 5 countries and employs more than 4,000 people. In order for employees to be able to anonymously send in suggestions of how they might improve the way the company runs, they introduced FaceUp at the beginning of 2021. Company HR Director Thomas Rodney is delighted with that decision. 

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“After investigating several reports we quit our working relationship with a department head.“

Peter Stika, Secretary of the Brno Municipal Office

“We started using an anonymous whistleblowing channel several years ago because we wanted to increase the city hall’s transparency and introduce an effective tool to prevent corruption. We wanted to give everyone who has been in contact with the office or the organizations of our city district to ability to report corruption or misconduct.”

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“Thanks to the FaceUp platform we can detect problems as early as possible.“

Vanessa Crawford, HR Manager at ADvTech

“The FaceUp platform has greatly improved our ability to identify and address potential issues within our company. By providing a secure and anonymous outlet for employees to report concerns, we are able to detect problems as early as possible”.

“I recommend FaceUp to other companies whenever whistleblowing comes up.“

Rohia Hakim, Compliance Officer CTP Invest

CTP Invest is the largest owner, developer and manager of logistics and industrial property in Europe. The company introduced FaceUp Whistleblowing System in 2022. Why did Compliance Officer Rohia Hakim choose FaceUp and how did the employees react to its implementation?

How FaceUp has helped other companies?

Partner of Forensic & Integrity services, Ernst & Young
I have followed and admired FaceUp since it started protecting schoolchildren from bullying. Today, it helps companies to protect their reputation, employees, assets and corporate culture. I'm glad my advice and feedback contributed to the development of its corporate version.
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HR Specialist, Lomax
As FaceUp was developed for schools first, the interface is extremely simple. The system is also user-friendly for the account administrator. I have nothing but praise for the FaceUp team.
Compliance Officer CTP Invest
Whenever people talk about whistleblowing, I always recommend FaceUp. We chose this platform due to their data security, clear report management, simplicity, and pricing. By using FaceUp, we also help to combat bullying in schools.
HR Director, Sportisimo
Employees send us various proposals and small improvement suggestions via FaceUp. So far, we have seen only positive reactions from employees who have adopted FaceUp as a friendly tool.
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HR Manager, Omnicom Media Group
We know it can be hard to speak out in certain situation. So, to encourage people to come to us even in such tough moments we chose to implement FaceUp. Moreover, by using FaceUp, we are contributing to the creation of a safe climate for schoolchildren, something we strongly believe in!
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Director of BACHL
Anyone can have issues at work that are difficult to talk about openly, which is why we introduced FaceUp. The whole system is clear, user-friendly and works great. It meets my expectations.
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HR Executive, ADvTECH Group
FaceUp has helped us tremendously. Our experience with the platform so far has been exemplary. It is easy to use, works seamlessly, and has great features. The FaceUp team also provide amazing customer service.
Compliance Manager with many years of experience from GE Money CZ and CEZ Group
FaceUp is an easily accessible tool to obtain diverse feedback from employees. It can meet the needs of small, medium and large companies. FaceUp is a mature solution using proven approaches.
Secretary of the Brno-stred
The introduction of FaceUp has worked out really well for us. We received dozens of reports and after investigating them we terminated our working relationship with a head of department. Overall productivity has increased in the workplace.
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Director of the General Inspection and Internal Audit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech republic
We have introduced FaceUp as part of our compliance programme. When selecting the whistleblowing channel, we focused on security, anonymity and accessibility. FaceUp has proven it has all the requirements. The team is always ready to help.
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Director of Ética Integral
FaceUp is an incredibly user-friendly whistleblowing tool with all the necessary features for any company. This is a key differentiator to achieving agile implementations. Their partnership business model is competitive, and they are very responsive, making collaboration smooth and enjoyable. I highly appreciate their effort in adjusting to meet our customers' requirements.
Ovocny Svetozor
We received a few questions via FaceUp on various topics that people generally don't like to ask about in person (salary, bonuses, covid security). This allowed us to respond in time and in a clear manner to clarify the situation and the decisions made.
Advocate, Schoenherr
FaceUp is extremely handy tool for whistleblowing. It is very secure for the employee and easy to use, even for a not experienced IT user. And for employer, it is a great solution with many practical functions. I can only recommend.
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Partner, Sedlakova Legal
Best value to price. Easy to use platform solving all of the needs in the whistleblowing area. No need to learn about the platform, absolute protection of privacy, possibility to work on reports in wider team and cloud-based solution.
Managing partner, Peyton Legal
Great service for whistleblowing compliance, helps us with resolving incoming reports effectively. Great customer support and GDPR compliant. Offers both a website platform and mobile app, which is also great.
FaceUp is easy to use, robust and safe. As a user I appreciate FaceUp's excellent react time. As a business partner, I admire their philosophy and approach.

Used by small startups and multinational holdings

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"FaceUp app is fantastic. It is easy to maintain the whole process and learn how to do it on your own within a short period of time. Their support is amazing (even when we were changing our requests around invoicing several times) and we love it!"

Alžběta Eli A.

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"Our experience is excellent, from easy implementation through to working with reports. FaceUp is customizable and has a lot of features for value. It is easy to use and the software is constantly developed according to the customer's needs."

Martina B.

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"The platform is intuitive for both users and administrators and the FaceUp team's overall attitude and willingness to customize the features according to our needs is definitely worth mentioning as well."

Vincent P.

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