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Looking to grow your business and generate extra revenue? Offer your clients a professional solution compliant with EU Whistleblowing Directive. We meet all requirements and the platform is already in 113 languages.


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Whether you’re a company, law firm, external trustee or compliance specialist, we’d love to cooperate with you.

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Three unique partnership opportunities

Referral program

Refer FaceUp to a business you know with and receive a commission equal to 25% of the annual plan subscription for each paying customer.

By clicking on Join Now you will gain access to a unique referral link and lead submission form, as well as a place to manage your referrals and commission - plus some useful materials.

Our sales team will take care of all the leads that you bring to FaceUp. 

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Affiliate program

Sign up as an affiliate partner and you’ll get a unique link to invite others to try FaceUp. Market FaceUp through your own online channels such as blogs, email newsletters, and social media.

For each customer that signs up to FaceUp using your link, you will receive 15% of the annual plan subscription in commission.

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Reseller partnership

Be part of the FaceUp team as a reseller partner. You will have the opportunity to sell FaceUp as part of your solution or services.

FaceUp will provide you with a partner administration platform where you can set up your customer’s accounts and manage them. 

This bespoke partnership option will also give you access to sales and marketing materials, as well as the team support.

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What do you get out of the partnership?

A trusted whistleblowing platform

Cooperation with a highly-rated whistleblowing platform that is comprehensive, feature-rich, and secure. FaceUp is already trusted by 2,700 organisations worldwide.

Additional revenue stream

Receive a percentage of the price of an annual plan subscription in commission for each company you refer to FaceUp.

Support and assistance

We provide a partner administration platform through PartnerStack where you can manage your accounts and find useful materials. Our support team is also available to you anytime.

Why work with us?

FaceUp is easy to use, robust and safe. As a user I appreciate FaceUp's excellent react time. As a business partner, I admire their philosophy and approach.
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Partner and co-founder of Gali legal
The FaceUp platform can handle all whistleblowing requirements. I appreciate the maximum privacy protection and the ability to work with reports in a broader team. The platform is very easy to work with. Great value for money.
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The #1 rated Whistleblower Software on G2

Let's discuss the details in person

Would you like to offer your clients a trusted and reliable whistleblowing solution? I would love to set up a tailored partnership, so please get in touch.

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