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Law firms and externalists

Offer your clients a professional solution to the new whistleblower protection directive. We meet all requirements and the platform is already in 10 world languages.

HR agencies and consultants

Are you familiar with the world of HR or Compliance and does FaceUp fit into the portfolio of services and products you offer? Great, let us know and we sure can make a deal.

Anyone who’d like to get involved

Do you like our work? Do you identify with the idea, that there are certain things we really need to face? We love that! Contact us, and together we can discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

A partnership that makes sense to both sides

We cooperate with leaders in the field

Either it’s law firms or consulting companies, we always cooperate with the best ones. We will be happy if you become one of them.

Close tailor-made partnership

We approach each partner individually and set the conditions so that both parties are satisfied. We’ll make sure to be in regular contact, so you know about all our news.

Reliable technology

Currently, over 2 000 organizations use our platform. We also have a team of developers that oversees the safety and functionality of our services on a daily basis.

The best solution for your clients

There are things for which a physical mailbox or telephone line is insufficient. With FaceUp, you offer your clients the most modern and reliable tool for whistleblowing. As an external tool that ensures safety, it also inspires more trust in employees, unlike any internal solution.

The perks of being a partner

More deals for you

Right in our administration’s External Services section, our clients have links to your services and documents. Therefore they can easily contact you, whenever they need help with received reports or more.

We'll handle the technical support

We will take good care of your clients. They have our technical support and materials available, which will be useful especially when launching FaceUp within the company.

Mutual marketing support

Whistleblowing will soon be a big topic, not only in Europe. We can help you put together articles, webinars or other marketing materials in order to make both the topic and our collaboration more visible.

Discounts for your clients, commissions for you

You can offer our platform to your clients at a significant discount and contribute to building good relationships with them. We also have an interesting commission system ready for our partners.

Do you want to become our partner? Great!

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