More colleagues who are speaking up. More joy in your company.

Předcházejte problémům v jejich zárodku. Díky kolegům, kteří se nebojí ozvat. S NNTB máte po ruce všechny podněty a můžete na ně navázat. A pokud si to zaměstnanec přeje, můžete vše řešit i anonymně.

Higher Employee Engagement
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The only way to combine anonymous reports with a follow-up conversation.

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Numbers you shouldn't miss

43 %

of employees state that they are unhappy and demotivated

18 %

of employees leave to another company seeking a better treatment

1 out of 5

of employees have experienced mobbing

45 %

of all fraud and illegalities in the company are detected by whistleblowers

It's easy and ready-to-go within one day


Once you launch FaceUp, inform your colleagues and encourage them to report anything that seems off.


Via FaceUp, they can notify the administrator responsible for the particular issue.


Early response

By notifying the company in due time, you can solve the problems as they occur.


It doesn't end with the report. You can further communicate with your colleagues and encourage them to tell you more.

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How FaceUp helped


My employees’ well-being is a key factor for me. Each of us may sometimes face work problems, which we don’t feel comfortable speaking about out loud. That is why we decided to allow our employees to open up through FaceUp. I must say the whole system is logical, user-friendly, and works just perfectly. So far, it has met all of my expectations.

Jiří Kudlička

Jiri Kudlicka

Executive director

Omnicom MediaGroup

We encourage our employees to communicate openly, as it is one of our base values. Nevertheless, we admit that in some situations, speaking up can be uneasy. So, to enable our people to come to us even in such moments, we choose to give them FaceUp. Moreover, by using FaceUp, we are contributing to creating a safe climate for children in schools. Which is something we strongly believe in!

Zuzana Cholevová

Zuzana Cholevova

HR manager

Ask away, we’re an open book!

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