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From sending a report to its successful resolution. See what FaceUp can do.

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1. Reporting Form

Using FaceUp, an employee can report any issue that is bothering him/her.
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2. Administration Platform

The report will be sent to an administrator to the administration.
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3. Report Administrators

Administrators can work with reports in multiple ways.
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4. Important Data

After the report is resolved, everything is stored safely for your future needs.

1. Reporting Form

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Customisable Reporting Form

You can customise the reporting form to suit your corporate culture. This can be done by inserting your logo, your own texts, or even report categories so that each report is directed to the right administrator.
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For a better overview of the situation, the reporter can attach a photo or any other file to the report. Colleagues can attach up to 5 files, each with a maximum of 25 MB to one report. Following submission of the report, more attachments can be sent through the follow-up communication feature.
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FaceUp ensures complete anonymity for the sender, leaving the decision to disclose their identity up to them. The senders can, however, state their names in the report.
Illustration of FaceUp Reporting Form - Company version - en

2. Administration Platform

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Follow-up Communication

It doesn't end with receiving a report. The administrator can continue to communicate with the report sender and encourage them to explain more details as well as provide information regarding the status of the report.
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Smart Notifications

You don’t have to keep checking the administration platform. Our email notifications are set up to ensure you never miss a new report. You can also adjust their frequency. This way you can intervene timelessly and offer your employees the help they not only want but deserve.
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Report Management

Administrators have access to settings and features that can streamline case management. Administrators can work on specific reports, write comments or assign reports to other administrators.
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Custom Categories

In addition to default categories, you can also create your own. Each category can be assigned to a specific administrator.
Illustration of FaceUp Administration - Company version - en

3. Report Administrators

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Organisational Structure

Upload your organisational structure, divide the administration platform into branches or departments and assign them to specific administrators.
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Working Hours and Automated Responses

No one can expect you to work around the clock. That’s why you can set up an automatic reply for after-hours. This way, employees will be provided with after-hour numbers that they can contact in case of an emergency.
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User Settings

Through this feature, you can manage and grant access directly in the FaceUp administration. Some administrators may only have access to certain reports or have otherwise limited rights. You can also manage your contact information and other settings.
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Third Party Access

If you work directly with third parties to assist on certain cases, now they have specific access to reports for these instances on the platform.
Illustration of Organisational Structure in FaceUp Administration - Company version - en

4. Important Data

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Database Management

You can also add your own suggestions to the administration, which come to you from other sources, for example by word of mouth or email. This also fulfills the legal obligation to keep suggestions and you can easily search among them.
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Overviews, Charts, and Analysis

You can view historical data in tables and charts. If you’re curious about a certain period, report category, or you want to know how one of your organisational units is performing, you can use filters for better visualization.
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Exports and Printing

In order to make things easier, you can also download all charts as well as other information in formats such as PDF, CSV, or EXCEL.
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Activity Log

Records pertaining to the reassignment of specific administrators, changes in the report’s status, and all past comments and conversations are kept indefinitely.
Illustration of FaceUp Dashboard - Company version - en

Other features that may come in handy

External Add-on Services

In the FaceUp administration platform, you’ll find the contact information for our external partners, with whom you can always ask for forensic, psychological, or legal advice.

Mobile Application

Our app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This way your employees can reach out to you at any time.

Access Codes and Links

Everything is simple, efficient, and highly secure. Your company's profile is password protected and you will receive a unique code and a direct link to your organisation's reporting form.


The FaceUp platform is already prepared in several world languages ​​(EN, DE, CS, ES, ...). And we are working on adding more.

Technical Support and Training

Honestly… we don’t think you’ll ever need it. But in case you do, you can reach out to us at any time. Also, along with the Premium version, you will receive thorough training and onboarding to help you in your FaceUp journey.

API Connection

FaceUp is ready to be connected to other systems. This way, if you want notifications to be forwarded to your HR system, let us know, and we'll discuss the options.

Legal Requirements

The platform is also compliant with the new EU directive. FaceUp also meets the requirements of the GDPR as well as other local acts such as the POPI Act in South Africa.

Onboarding Materials

To introduce FaceUp to your company smoothly, we have prepared communication guides, legal templates and other materials to help you get started.

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