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Learn what FaceUp can do. From sending a report to its successful solution.

1. Writing a report

When something is off at work, employees can send a report via FaceUp form.

2. FaceUp administration

The report is delivered to the administrator.

3. Administrators

Administrators can use various ways to work with each report.

4. Evaluation

After the report is resolved, everything is stored safely for your future needs.

1. Writing a report

You only need to provide your colleagues with a unique link or access code, and the rest is up to them. Whenever something feels off, they can notify you.

Customizable report form

Thanks to a safe form, anyone can open up. This way, issues will get to you, even those that colleagues may sometimes rather keep to themselves. You can customize the form to suit your corporate culture. You can change the text, logo and also add your own categories.

Attaching files

For a better overview of the situation, the reporter can attach a photo or any other file to the report. Colleagues can attach up to 5 files, each with a maximum of 25 MB to one report.


FaceUp ensures complete anonymity for the sender, leaving the decision to disclose their identity in their hands. The senders can, however, state their names in the report.

Employee surveys

You don’t need to rely only on the reports your employees choose to send. Ask them proactively – create your own surveys, which you can send right from the administration.

2. Receiving the report in FaceUp

The administration is pretty straightforward. Learn it with a few clicks.


Anyone can write to you anonymously, but at the same time, you can follow-up on their report in joint dialogue to get more details. You will gain the reporter's trust, and they might even uncover their identity.
Ikona notifikace

Smart notifications

You don’t have to keep checking the administration all the time. Our email notifications are set up to ensure you never miss a new report. You can also adjust their frequency.

Reports management

Take multiple actions with received reports. Besides responding to the sender, you can also add a specific solver or internal comments to the report and include your colleagues in resolving the issue.

Custom categories

Besides the default ones, you can also create your custom categories. Then, each category can be assigned to a specific solver. You can adjust, add and delete these categories.

3. Further work with the reports and administrators

FaceUp offers various hacks for administrators to make the work with reports easier.

Ikona struktury

Organizational structure

Create your own organizational structure, divide the administration by branches or departments and assign them to specific solvers. You can either do it yourself or send us an existing file, and we will create the structure for you.
Ikona hodiny

Working hours and automated response

Of course, you don’t work day and night. That’s why you can set up an automatic reply for the time you’re out of the office, so the sender can know they’re not forgotten.

Access and contact settings

You can manage and grant access directly in the FaceUp administration. Some reporters may have access only to certain reports or have otherwise limited rights. You can also manage your contact information and other settings.
Ikona propojení

Third party access

You can choose to leave some topics (corruption, mental health issues) to third parties - consulting companies, psychologists, or law firms. We can grant specific accesses even for externalists to only access the types of reports assigned to them.

4. Evaluation and next steps

Over time, you'll see how you're doing with reports in the long-run.

Ikona databáze

Database management

You can add reports or notes to the administration that may reach you from other sources, for example, in person or by e-mail.

Overviews, charts, and analyses

You can view your historical data in tables or charts. If you’re curious about a certain period, report category, or you want to know how one of your organizational units is doing, you can use filters for better visualization.
Ikona stahování

Data export and printing

With the charts in administration, you’ll find out what bothers your employees the most, how they use the platform and how many reports have been resolved successfully. You can also download everything in formats such as PDF, excel sheets, or even print it.

Activity log

You can see everything that happened with each report. That includes assigning to a specific solver, changing the report’s status, and all past comments and conversations.

Other features that come in handy

External add-on services

In FaceUp administration, you’ll find contact information of our external partners, to whom you can always turn with forensic, psychological, or legal topics.

Mobile application

Not everyone always has the option to use a computer when needed. With our app for both iOS and Android, your employees can reach out to you anytime.

Setting up access code and link

You will receive a unique code and a link, so your colleagues’ reports will get right to you without endangering their anonymity. Both the code and the link can be later changed.


The whole platform is prepared in several world languages ​​(EN, DE, CS, ES, ...). And we are working on adding more.

Technical support and training

Honestly… we don’t think you’ll ever need it. But in case you do, you can reach out to us anytime. Also, along with the Premium version, you will receive thorough training and onboarding.

API connection

FaceUp is ready to be connected to other systems. Therefore, if you want notifications to be forwarded to your HR system, let us know, and we'll discuss the options.

Legal requirements

The platform is also compliant with the new EU directive. FaceUp also meets the requirements of the GDPR.

Onboarding materials

To introduce FaceUp to your company smoothly, we have prepared communication templates, legal templates and other materials to help you get started.

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