More colleagues who are speaking up. More unjust revealed.

With FaceUp, you engage your employees in the company’s activities, and at the same time, you will fulfil the EU legal obligations for the internal reporting channel. You have all the reports at hand, and you can follow-up on them. And if the employee wishes so, everything can be reported anonymously.

Safe form of whistleblowing
Anonymous reports
Compliant with the new EU directive
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Features that compliance managers love

The only way to combine anonymous reports with a follow-up conversation.

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Numbers you shouldn't miss

60 %

of managers are willing to bribe customers

28 %

of employees have no idea who to tell if they encounter corruption in the company

10 %

of better results than average achieve companies with a higher degree of ethics

45 %

of all fraud and illegal behaviour in companies is detected by whistleblowers

It's easy and ready-to-go within one day


Once you launch FaceUp, inform your colleagues about it and encourage them to report anything that seems off.


Via FaceUp, they can notify the administrator responsible for the particular issue.

Solving the reports in due date

By notifying the company in due time, you can solve the problems as they occur.

Further communication

But it doesn't end with the report. You can continue to communicate with the whistleblower and encourage them to tell you more.

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How FaceUp helped other companies

Because communication with employees is a priority at Sportisimo, we have also decided to introduce FaceUp as an internal notification channel. It helps us to be even more in touch with them and get their feedback. Experience shows us that employees send us various and minor suggestions, small improvement suggestions or positive feedback via FaceUp. So far, we have seen only positive reactions from employees who have accepted FaceUp as a friendly tool through which they can give feedback directly to the management.

HR Director Sportisimo

Tomas Rodny

HR Director

Having FaceUp has definitely helped ADvTECH. Our experience with FaceUp thus far has been excellent, the ease of use of the platform is amazing along with the features and functionality. The customer support from the FaceUp team is amazing and it definitely meets the value for money. FaceUp has been running for the past couple of months at our company, although we have not yet had a big take up with FaceUp as yet, the few reports we have had have been resolved far more efficiently than any other platform or method we have used in the past. We anticipate further take up in the new year. Since implementing FaceUp for our employees, we have decided that all of our schools need FaceUp too and we are implementing this across all Primary and High Schools in 2021. I definitely recommend FaceUp.

Vanessa Crawford

HR Executive

I was introduced to the FaceUp platform in both the introductory and current advanced versions. I am pleased to see that its variability can meet the different needs of small, medium and large companies. It offers an easily accessible tool for getting diverse feedback from employees. Above all, the most important one at the moment - internal reporting of suspected wrongdoing. The obligation to introduce its own system for such notifications will be imposed by law shortly. FaceUp is a mature solution for companies, using approaches proven by company practice, available at the right time."

Vladimir Valenta foto

Vladimir Valenta

Compliance Manager with many years of experience from GE Money CZ and CEZ Group


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