More colleagues who are speaking up. More wrongdoing revealed.

By engaging your employees in the companies activities you are directly fulfilling the obligation, set by the EU directive, to have an internal whistleblowing channel. You will have all the reports at hand, and you can provide follow-up investigations. In addition, if the employee wishes so, everything can be reported anonymously.

Safe form of whistleblowing
Compliant with the new EU directive
Trusted by more than 2,300 clients
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Features that compliance managers love

The only way to combine anonymous reports with follow-up conversations.

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Numbers you need to see

28 %

of employees have no idea who to tell if they encounter corruption in the company

10 %

of companies achieve better business results when they have a higher degree of ethics applied

45 %

of all fraud and illegal behaviour in companies is detected by whistleblowers

It's easy and ready-to-go within one day

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You’ll receive an email notification and can view the report in the administration platform.

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You can give the report a priority status with a label, allocate it to another assignee, and set a deadline.

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Establish communication with the whistleblower, ask them for the details and then deal resolve the issue.


How FaceUp has helped other companies?

Vanessa Crawford
HR Executive, ADvTECH Group
A FaceUp hatalmas segítséget jelentett a számunkra. Az eddigi tapasztalataink a platformmal egyszerűen mintaértékűek. Könnyű használni, zökkenőmentesen működik és nagyszerű funkciókkal rendelkezik. FaceUp has helped us tremendously. Our experience with the platform so far has been exemplary. It is easy to use, works seamlessly, and has great features. The FaceUp team also provide amazing customer service.
Bohuslav Lichnovsky
Partner and co-founder of Gali legal
Best value to price. Easy to use platform solving all of the needs in the whistleblowing area. No need to learn about the platform, absolute protection of privacy, possibility to work on notifications in wider team and cloud-based solution.
Logo ref_Gali Legal.svg
Tomas Rodny
HR Director, Sportisimo
Employees send us various proposals and small improvement suggestions via FaceUp. So far, we have seen only positive reactions from employees who have adopted FaceUp as a friendly tool.
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Tomas Kafka
Partner Ernst & Young, Forensics
I have followed and admired FaceUp since it started protecting schoolchildren from bullying. Today, it helps companies to protect their reputation, employees, assets and corporate culture. I'm glad my advice and feedback contributed to the development of its corporate version.
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Vladimir Valenta
Compliance Manager with many years of experience from GE Money CZ and CEZ Group
FaceUp is an easily accessible tool to obtain diverse feedback from employees. It can meet the needs of small, medium and large companies. FaceUp is a mature solution using proven approaches.

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