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Advanced speak-up culture has never been easier
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Experience the NEW FaceUp: The Most Used All-in-One Platform for Employee Engagement and Anonymous Reporting

Transform your workplace with FaceUp's cutting-edge platform for anonymous reporting and employee engagement! Get advanced tools like 2-way anonymous communication, real-time feedback, and insightful analytics to enhance transparency and workplace culture. Join 3,700+ organizations and discover the future of workplace engagement today.

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USA harassment
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The Power of Anonymity in Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment

Harness the transformative power of anonymity in combating workplace sexual harassment. Practical steps for creating a safer, more inclusive environment with FaceUp’s anonymous reporting systems. Dive into insights and solutions that empower employees and organizations to speak up against harassment. Contact us today and transform your workplace culture.

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Employee feedback software
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Elevate employee engagement and drive organizational success with feedback software

Employee feedback software is a tool designed to capture the insights, suggestions, and opinions of your team members, fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. While customer feedback has been a cornerstone of business improvement for decades, forward-thinking companies across the US are increasingly valuing employee input as a critical resource for enhancing their operations and workplace culture.

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online suggestion box
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What is an online suggestion box?

An online suggestion box (sometimes called ‘anonymous suggestion box’ or ‘virtual suggestion box’) is the digital version of the physical box of the past in which company employees could drop slips of paper with suggestions for improvements. These days, organizations may choose to implement an online version which brings with it a range of additional benefits.

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Anonymous Workplace Reporting Empowering Employees and Unveiling Benefits for Companies
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Anonymous Workplace Reporting: Empowering Employees and Unveiling Benefits for Companies

Anonymous workplace reporting is where employees or any other stakeholders of a business or organization notify the relevant person in that organization of unethical or illegal conduct, without fear of recrimination.

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"After investigating several reports through FaceUp we terminated our working relationship with a head of department,” reveals secretary of the Brno-Centre Municipal Office

What did the introduction of FaceUp to the Brno-Centre Municipal Office bring? And why has there been an increase in overall productivity across the workplace? Read our interview with the secretary of the Brno-Centre Municipal Office, Bc. Petr Štika, MBA, LL.M.

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online trust box.jpg
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What is an online trust box and how does it work?

As explored in the previous chapter, if companies use standard whistleblowing systems, they will need to implement multiple ones to minimise the risk of losing reports. An alternative presents itself in an online trust box — an anonymous cloud-based platform that solves issues that plague other tools.

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