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    From an anti-bullying app to global software allowing people around the world to speak up

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    How it all started

    FaceUp Technology founders

    Our founders Jan, David, and Pavel witnessed bullying at their school. Aged 17, they created an app that children could use to report bullying or anything that they or a peer were struggling with, directly to trusted teachers at their school.

    In the years following FaceUp's launch, 1,800 schools signed up, submitting 8,000 reports of bullying.

    Today, FaceUp software is among the most widely used whistleblowing platforms in the world and is used by thousands of organizations.

    Who leads our team

    CEO Jan

    Jan Slama

    Co-Founder & CEO

    COO David

    David Spunar

    Co-Founder & COO

    CTO Pavel

    Pavel Ihm

    Co-Founder & CTO

    CNO Petr

    Petr Gadlina


    Salem team_Andrea.png

    Andrea Cerna

    VP of Partnerships

    Sales team Zbynek

    Zbynek Pechr

    Gestor Comercial

    Company values


    We strive to find the simplest way possible to solve the problem and achieve the goal. FaceUp is also extremely easy to implement and to use.


    Whistleblowing is a sensitive issue, which is why security is our number one priority. Our company processes and software have the highest level of protection. Even we can't access your data.


    Hard to build, easy to lose. You can't build relationships without trust and you can't have long-term success without good relationships. That's why we keep our promises!


    We are ready to help and go the extra mile, be it within our team or with our customers and partners. So don't hesitate to reach out when you need our help or advice.

    Social impact

    We want to make the world a better place. We want employees and school children to feel comfortable and for society to be founded on the right principles.

    Life at FaceUp

    FaceUp Team
    FaceUp Team
    FaceUp Team
    FaceUp Team
    FaceUp Team
    FaceUp Team

    Feedback from those we have helped


    PaedDr. Lubos Rydlo

    Nehvizdy primary school principal

    5 stars

    Our school has been using FaceUp for a long time. It is a very useful tool, thanks to which we have immediate information about the situation, requiring the intervention of a special pedagogue a class teacher or school management. Most often, thanks to FaceUp, we record cases when a child does not feel well in class, is excluded by his peers or does not like going to school. Thanks to the fact that we have the information immediately, the class teacher either solves the complaint himself or in cooperation with the above-mentioned colleagues. FaceUp is an absolutely indispensable project for us and an integral part of our school life.


    Zuzana Krajicova

    Filip's mum

    5 stars

    Our son Filip (10) came home sad because of the behaviour of his classmates. It bothered him, but to fit in, he often acted like everyone else. When physical violence began to occur, he refused to go to school. I then came across the FaceUp on the Internet. I hesitated for several weeks, but when he came up with the idea that we would never get him to school again, I sent a report. The next day, the teacher arranged an appointment with me, which a school psychologist also attended, and things started to move. It's only been a few weeks, and he comes home happy now. The psychologist regularly comes to class and strengthens relationships. It's a miracle for me.

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