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85 % of pupils experience bullying or group expulsion. Thanks to FaceUp - an online trust box, pupils or parents can anonymously report any issue and make it easier for the school to solve it. Join more than 2,000 schools that are helping their students.

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You can take multiple actions with received reports in the administration – manage them, add a specific solver or oversee the activity history.

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They are scared to talk about the issue

They don't know who to tell

They have fear of retaliation

The have no one else to confide in

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Set up administrators and the platform according to your needs.

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Let everyone at school know they can contact you safely through FaceUp.

Solving the reports

You will find the received reports in your administration. To help you with solving them, feel free to use our complimentary templates.

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FaceUp supporters that root for us

I gave FaceUp personal patronage because I highly appreciate students themselves created it. I also believe that’s one more reason why this project can help victims of bullying in schools. This project gives these children a chance to protect themselves successfully against this undesirable phenomenon.

Katerina Valachova

Former Czech Minister of Education

I am convinced that uncovering the hidden world of bullying through an online trust box carries numerous benefits. FaceUp is a helpful platform, so it is essential to keep developing and improving it further. By accepting to be the professional guarantee for this project, I am expressing my positive approach to the vision and current activities of the creators.

Michal Kolar

Specialist in dealing with school violence and bullying

As a school ombudsman, at times, I witness the helplessness of both children and parents when it comes to bullying. FaceUp is a great help for all who would otherwise be helpless. The important thing is to uncover bullying at the earliest possible time. Not when it proves itself with violence against the victims. Only early detection and solution to bullying can be effective. That is what FaceUp can do, and it is why I am a big fan of it.

Ladislav Hrzal

School ombudsman

I support this project because it is meaningful. The form is close to the pupils, as it is based on the principle of so-called peer action. I believe students will feel inclined to use it (even more so if they see that based on their report, a solution to the situation is taking place). Kids want to stay anonymous. Through FaceUp, they can have a real impact without the need to expose themselves to any risk. By enabling them to do this, we teach them not to be insensible to the issues around us.

Jitka Musilova

Counsellor, psychologist

Childline Zimbabwe

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