An online platform is way better than other solutions. Have a look.

For those of you who want to help out your employees and students, we compared the different solutions with FaceUp.

FaceUp vs Hotline

FaceUp vs Email

FaceUp vs Mailbox

FaceUp vs Hotline

It takes a lot of courage for an employee to report something via phone. They are forced to continuously describe the problem and lose the opportunity to check everything twice before submitting it or attach additional evidence. They also face an obstacle, which consists of hiding their phone number or obtaining another one.


The need to describe the problem on the phone

Unable to attach a document

Difficulties with hiding a phone number

There is no information on who is resolving the complaint and at what stage


Anonymity is guaranteed

Attach the document to a size of 25MB

Reporters can check everything before sending

You will fulfil the legal obligations to keep the reporter informed on the solution status

FaceUp vs Email

Put yourself in the shoes of an employee who is already so nervous about the situation. Exposing them to the whole process of creating an anonymous e-mail will only delay everything and it is possible that they’d rather give up. It will then be a chore for you to keep order in all the anonymous emails and all report.


The complicated process of creating anonymous email

Mess in email reports

The reporter has no idea who is dealing with his complaint and what the status is


Anonymity is guaranteed

The notifier has an overview of what is happening with his report

More administrators can collaborate on solving the reported issues

Smart notifications mind the legal deadlines for you

FaceUp vs Mailbox

How do you follow-up on an anonymous report in your mail box? How do you find out more details when someone points out something and has a minimum of information? With FaceUp, you don’t have to play detective. You can continue to talk to the whistleblower directly in the system while maintaining anonymity. Besides, our channel is also accessible to whistleblowers from among customers or suppliers, unlike physical mailboxes.

Physical mailbox

The whistleblower does not risk being seen, unlike when using the mailbox

Does not comply with the requirements of the EU directive

You must rewrite and store the record


You will meet the needs of younger people who are used to online solutions

You have the opportunity to follow-up and a better chance of resolving the report

Customers and suppliers who can also confide

You will comply with the legal obligation to inform the reporter of the outcome of the investigation

The online platform wins in every way.Let's schedule a demo where we will show you more.