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  • Designed for simplicity, security, and effectiveness, our platform ensures that every concern is voiced and valued. With the trust of industry giants, we're setting a new standard for workplace integrity.

Compliant with the European Whistleblowing Directive

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Revolutionary Anonymous Reporting

Discover a platform where ease of use meets comprehensive security. FaceUp makes anonymous reporting accessible and actionable, empowering your employees to contribute to a safer workplace.

  • Whistleblowing Send report
    Hotline with Automated Voice Assistant
    A new dimension of accessibility and comfort in reporting, guiding users through a seamless process.
  • Whistleblowing Administration
    Efficient Case Management
    Manage reports with an intuitive system designed for clarity and quick action.
  • Whistleblowing Communication
    Powerful Analytics
    Gain insights into your organizational culture with advanced analytics, enabling informed decisions.

A Trusted Choice

Championed by companies like Zendesk and Vercel, FaceUp is recognized for its ability to foster genuine change. While our platform is trusted by the best, our focus remains on delivering value to organizations of all sizes, everywhere.

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  • The difference we make

    FaceUp isn't just about addressing issues. It's about preventing them through the power of open communication and trust. Our solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows, making it easier for everyone to contribute to a healthier, more transparent workplace.

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  • Learn more about how FaceUp is leading the charge in anonymous reporting solutions

    From detailed case studies to insights on fostering speak up culture, find out how we can help you make a lasting impact.

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