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Who actually is a whistleblower?

Whistleblowers – who are they, and why will we hear more about them this year? A whistleblower, in its literal sense, is the one who blows the whistle. Not at a football match, but in a situation where they witness real-life unfair practices. Either as an employee, a customer, or a supplier. It can often concern corruption, but it can also be in situations where someone’s health or the environment is at risk. Whether ignorance, corruption, or something else leading to bad decisions resulting in accidents, damage to health and the environment, or even misappropriation of public finances. But whistleblowers don’t wait around the corner to catch someone in the act. It can be someone who accidentally witnessed injustice, and is struggling to decide, whether to come out with the truth or keep everything to themselves. Usually, the first ones to find out about such slips are employees who notice iniquities during their work that could cause difficulties for their employer or management, or stumble across information that suggests possible harm or threat to the public interest. Therefore, by reporting the wrongdoings, the whistleblower can protect the public interest. Unfortunately, this often puts both the professional and personal life of the whistleblower at risk. This fear of retaliation also becomes the main reason why people are afraid to report unfair practices. The general approach to protecting whistleblowers varies significantly in different jurisdictions. In France, for example, there is very little specific statutory protection for whistleblowers. However, the French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) (CNIL) imposes a duty to protect those who make a complaint.  However, some jurisdictions have a unified approach to whistleblower protection. In Japan and the UK, for instance, a single law provides protection for whistleblowers in both the private and public sectors and covers complaints related to a broad range of misconduct. Protection for whistleblowers in other jurisdictions such as the US is set out in various sources, including: federal and state law and statutory and common law. European Union Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of whistleblowers came into force on 16 December 2019. EU member states now have until 2021 to incorporate the directive into their own national laws. FaceUp aims to be the tool that will help companies with adjusting to the whistleblowing protection law. It aims to ensure law compliance to the employer and offer support for employees, who can feel safe if they ever need to ‘blow the whistle’ to help uncover unfair practices at work or more.
4/7/2021 2 min read
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In 2021, FaceUp will expand and improve the current platform

The year 2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone. Although we were genuinely taken aback by the school closures, it helped open the doors to organisations where FaceUp can also help. Throughout the last year, we’ve had people from Czech, and foreign companies come up to us, mainly from HR departments as well as Compliance managers, who were looking for a simple solution to the new EU directive, while also trying to help their colleagues. This is when the team at FaceUp realised we needed to adjust the product and start helping companies too. The company version now helps employees report discrimination, bullying, mental health concerns, sexual harassment, COVID-19 related concerns etc. directly to the people, at their company, who know how to help. In 2021, we want to continue growing – both in schools and companies, and we’re planning many improvements. So what can you expect from us next year? 1. A new feature for report sender Follow up communication between the report sender and the administrators is so important! In order to prevent the reporter forgetting their unique PIN Code, it will now be automatically sent to their email address. The report senders will now be able to fill in their email address after sending a report, which will remain within the system and no one will gain access to it. Thereafter, reporters will be notified of any updates made to their report as well as any responses from the company administrators. 2. We protect everything – not once, but twice Your company’s safety is our priority. That’s why you can now protect your company’s administration system with two-factor authentication. If you prefer to keep it simple, this feature can be turned off. However, the safety of your employees and company information is important, and that’s why we strongly recommend using this feature. 3. An easier and more unique company profile You now have the chance to use an exclusive link that takes you right through to your company profile on, which you can even put on your company webpage, for example in the form of a button. 4. You are never alone – our external partners are here to help The first step in solving a problem or risk is identifying it. This is where FaceUp help you. However, the next step may involve an intervention that you need help to create. We have identified a list of external partners that you can trust to provide accurate advice. 5. We don’t take the new legal requirement lightly – we’ve got you covered According to the new proposal of the whistleblowing protection law, it is required to keep specific information about each report, for the purpose of investigation. In the report’s details, you will now be able to find specific boxes that need to be filled out. This feature help you to be easily compliant with the law. You can also look forward to: PDF exportingFAQ updatesOther materials for downloading in responseSmart notifications, helping you to stay on top of everythingThe possibility of sending a report using voice dictation – make FaceUp not only safe but accessible for everyone, even the disabled.With the continuing expansion of FaceUp, we’re also adding more localisations of the platform and we are preparing big things with our partners. Image: Unsplash, Moritz Knöringer
12/17/2020 3 min read

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