This is your chance to speak up

We are FaceUp. Our mission is to help organizations improve by providing a whistleblowing platform for employees to anonymously voice issues and concerns. We have helped thousands of employees make their jobs better. If you believe that your organization could do better, we encourage you to say something.

Whistleblower reporting page

We’ve helped over 10,000 whistleblowers from 2,700 organizations

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How it works?

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1. Send a report
You are in control. The only information that gets collected is what you choose to share. We couldn’t identify you if we tried.
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2. We transfer the message
We will deliver your report to the organization. Any information you give us is encrypted. 100% anonymity guaranteed.
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3. Next steps
If you want to be informed of the response, leave us your e-mail. We won’t share it with anyone.

What needs to be addressed?