Show employees that you carewith anonymous HR reporting tool

How can you make your employees happier? Allow them to share their concerns and ideas with you safely and anonymously with FaceUp Whistleblowing System. Get 24/7 feedback, deal with problems in good time, and create a positive working environment!

  • Trusted by more than 3,000 clients

  • Clear and intutive administration platform

  • Comply with whistleblower protection laws

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Empower your employees to speak up and prevent workplace issues

FaceUp has allowed thousands of employees across the world confidentiality reports issues such as harassment, discrimination, mobbing, ethical issues, problems of a sensitive nature, and concerns regarding Covid-19.

  • FaceUp helps bring to your attention cases of dissatisfied employees or poor working environments, both of which often lead to resignations. Through timely interventions, you’ll be able to prevent the unnecessary departure of key colleagues.

FaceUp Employee fluctuation reduction
Whistleblowing Cost reduction
FaceUp Build trust
Whistleblowing Company culture - loyalty and trust

Key facts about whisleblowing

  • 43 %

    of employees state that they are unhappy and demotivated

  • 18 %

    of employees move to another company due to staff treatment

  • 1 out of 5

    employees have experienced workplace bullying

Easy and ready to use in one day

  • Reporting

    You’ll receive an email notification and can view the report in the administration platform.

  • Processing

    You can give the report a priority status with a label, allocate it to another assignee, and set a deadline.

  • Resolution

    Establish communication with the whistleblower, ask them for the details, and then resolve the issue.

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Why HR managers love FaceUp Whistleblowing System?


Tomas Rodny

HR Director

5 stars

Employees send us various proposals and small improvement suggestions via FaceUp. So far, we have seen only positive reactions from employees who have adopted FaceUp as a friendly tool.

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Zuzana Cholevova

HR manager, OMG

5 stars

We know it can be hard to speak out in certain situation. So, to encourage people to come to us even in such tough moments we chose to implement FaceUp. Moreover, by using FaceUp, we are contributing to the creation of a safe climate for schoolchildren, something we strongly believe in!

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Tadeas Kubik

HR Specialist at LOMAX

5 stars

As FaceUp was developed for schools first, the interface is extremely simple. The system is also user-friendly for the account administrator. I have nothing but praise for the FaceUp team.

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Jiri Kudlicka

Executive director, Bachl

5 stars

Anyone can have issues at work that are difficult to talk about openly, which is why we introduced FaceUp. The whole system is clear, user-friendly and works great. It meets my expectations.


Let us show you FaceUp in action

We can walk you through the platform's features and answer your whistleblowing questions.

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