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    What is anonymous reporting and why is it so important?

    Anonymous reporting is when an employee or stakeholder within an organization submits a report detailing an instance of wrongdoing or illegal activity without revealing their identity to the individual charged with receiving the reports.

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    Integrity line

      What is an integrity line and how can it help your company?

      An integrity line is a secure, anonymous medium through which employees or other stakeholders within an organization can report suspicions or instances of wrongdoing, usually anonymously. An integrity line can also be known as an ‘ethics line’, a ‘hotline’, and an ‘honesty line’.

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      Compliance Line
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      • Compliance

      Setting Up an Effective Compliance Line: Best Practices and Tips

      A compliance line, also known as a hotline or ethics line, is a whistleblowing tool whereby employees or other stakeholders within an organization can report suspicions of wrongdoing or simply offer suggestions for efficiencies and improvements. They can usually do this anonymously for situations where the complaint might involve a colleague, manager or where the individual just wants to protect themselves from any negative fallout.

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      Ethics hotline whistleblowing
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      What is an ethics hotline?

      An ethics hotline is a way for employees or other company stakeholders to report instances of wrongdoing or offer suggestions for improvements. An ethics hotline used to simply refer to a physical phone line that was used for whistleblowing, whereas now the meaning has expanded to include whistleblowing software more generally.

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      Whistleblower Hotline: How to Implement an Effective and Confidential Reporting System

      A whistleblower hotline, sometimes known as an ‘ethics line’ or a ‘whistleblowing platform’ more generally, is a way for your employees to anonymously speak up when they witness misconduct, workplace bullying, fraud, or simply wish to offer suggestions and ideas for improvements.

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      experience of using FaceUp whistleblowing
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      • Corporate culture

      What is our clients’ experience of using FaceUp?

      We love hearing from our clients about how the introduction of FaceUp whistleblowing system has worked well and how it’s helping them improve their company culture. We are often asked how FaceUp works in practice, so we’ve asked some of our clients about their specific experiences.

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      Onlooker efect
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      The onlooker effect and other reasons people don’t report unethical conduct

      More than half of a company’s employees who witness unethical or illegal conduct hide it from their superiors. However, nearly 75% admit that they would share information regarding fraud with an external party such as the media, the police, or a lawyer.

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      online trust box.jpg
      • Whistleblowing

      What is an online trust box and how does it work?

      As explored in the previous chapter, if companies use standard whistleblowing systems, they will need to implement multiple ones to minimise the risk of losing reports. An alternative presents itself in an online trust box — an anonymous cloud-based platform that solves issues that plague other tools.

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