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Are you or your classmates experiencing bullying or any other nuisance? Notify anonymously your school about it.

What will happen once you send a report



There is bullying or other unpleasantness in class that are not easy to talk about in person.



A student, a parent or a school teacher can send an anonymous report to their school.



The report is delivered to the person responsible for solving the issue.

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Let's say NO to bullying

Let's say NO to bullying

Almost everyone will encounter bullying at school – whether in the role of a victim or a bystander. Victims find themselves daily in situations that can affect them for the rest of their lives. But, understandably, even the onlooker can live in fear that if they point out bullying, they will become its target. Thanks to FaceUp, you don’t have to be afraid to call back. You can do it with us online and anonymously. And maybe you will save someone’s childhood.

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Typical cases

85% of pupils experience bullying, 2,000 of them turn to us every year.

You don't have to put up with bullying

Endowment fund – we welcome support from individuals as well as organizations.

Endowment fund – we welcome support from individuals as well as organizations.

We believe that adults who are not afraid to speak up are formed as children. Therefore, we want to continue the mission that led us to create the platform to spread awareness among children and schools and fight bullying and expulsion from the collective. That is why all our commercial activities contribute to the operation of our Endowment Fund, which is dedicated to education and prevention. We teach children not to be indifferent to their surroundings and not to be bullied.

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