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Risk Assessment and Engagement Checklist
  • Corporate culture

Introducing the Risk Assessment and Engagement Checklist

Is your company at risk? Download our Risk Assessment and Engagement Checklist to evaluate your organization's speak-up culture, feedback channels, and compliance systems. Enhance trust and legal compliance with our anonymous reporting platform and whistleblowing software. Get FaceUp today!

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what is whistleblowing system for companies
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What is a whistleblowing system?

A whistleblowing system is a channel primarily used by employees or other stakeholders within a company or organization to report instances of wrongdoing or unethical conduct. Whistleblowing systems can also be used more broadly as a way for individuals to submit their feedback, suggestions, or ideas for improvements.

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The Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Legal

Whistleblowing in the USA: A Guide to Legal Protections and Best Practices

Whistleblowing is the process where an employee or any other individual in an organization reports an instance of wrongdoing or criminality. In the past, this was done through offline means such as a phone line, trust box, or in person, whereas these days, whistleblowing reports are often submitted through a piece of whistleblowing software, such as FaceUp.

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    What is anonymous reporting and why is it so important?

    Anonymous reporting is when an employee or stakeholder within an organization submits a report detailing an instance of wrongdoing or illegal activity without revealing their identity to the individual charged with receiving the reports.

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    Integrity line

      What is an integrity line and how can it help your company?

      An integrity line is a secure, anonymous medium through which employees or other stakeholders within an organization can report suspicions or instances of wrongdoing, usually anonymously. An integrity line can also be known as an ‘ethics line’, a ‘hotline’, and an ‘honesty line’.

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      Compliance Line
      • Whistleblowing
      • Compliance

      Setting Up an Effective Compliance Line: Best Practices and Tips

      A compliance line, also known as a hotline or ethics line, is a whistleblowing tool whereby employees or other stakeholders within an organization can report suspicions of wrongdoing or simply offer suggestions for efficiencies and improvements. They can usually do this anonymously for situations where the complaint might involve a colleague, manager or where the individual just wants to protect themselves from any negative fallout.

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      online suggestion box
      • Whistleblowing

      What is an online suggestion box?

      An online suggestion box (sometimes called ‘anonymous suggestion box’ or ‘virtual suggestion box’) is the digital version of the physical box of the past in which company employees could drop slips of paper with suggestions for improvements. These days, organizations may choose to implement an online version which brings with it a range of additional benefits.

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      • Whistleblowing

      "Through whistleblowing, an organization can uncover serious fraud," says Rohia Hakim, Compliance Officer at CTP Invest

      How does corporate culture influence the success of companies? What does compliance entail, and what role does whistleblowing play in it? These questions were answered by Rohia Hakim, who worked as a Compliance Specialist for Ernst & Young (EY) for almost 10 years and now serves as a Compliance Officer for CTP Invest.

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