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Risk Assessment and Engagement Checklist
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Introducing the Risk Assessment and Engagement Checklist

Is your company at risk? Download our Risk Assessment and Engagement Checklist to evaluate your organization's speak-up culture, feedback channels, and compliance systems. Enhance trust and legal compliance with our anonymous reporting platform and whistleblowing software. Get FaceUp today!

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Feedback strategies for higher employee engagement
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Effective Feedback Strategies for Higher Employee Engagement

Boost your company's employee engagement levels by integrating FaceUp's innovative all-in-one platform. Practical tips for HR managers and employees exploring essential elements of constructive feedback. Read now to transform feedback into growth to elevate your company culture to new heights!

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Advanced speak-up culture has never been easier
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Experience the NEW FaceUp: The Most Used All-in-One Platform for Employee Engagement and Anonymous Reporting

Transform your workplace with FaceUp's cutting-edge platform for anonymous reporting and employee engagement! Get advanced tools like 2-way anonymous communication, real-time feedback, and insightful analytics to enhance transparency and workplace culture. Join 3,700+ organizations and discover the future of workplace engagement today.

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Employee feedback software
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Elevate employee engagement and drive organizational success with feedback software

Employee feedback software is a tool designed to capture the insights, suggestions, and opinions of your team members, fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. While customer feedback has been a cornerstone of business improvement for decades, forward-thinking companies across the US are increasingly valuing employee input as a critical resource for enhancing their operations and workplace culture.

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what is whistleblowing system for companies
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What is a whistleblowing system?

A whistleblowing system is a channel primarily used by employees or other stakeholders within a company or organization to report instances of wrongdoing or unethical conduct. Whistleblowing systems can also be used more broadly as a way for individuals to submit their feedback, suggestions, or ideas for improvements.

7 min read

    What is anonymous reporting and why is it so important?

    Anonymous reporting is when an employee or stakeholder within an organization submits a report detailing an instance of wrongdoing or illegal activity without revealing their identity to the individual charged with receiving the reports.

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    Anonymous Workplace Reporting Empowering Employees and Unveiling Benefits for Companies
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    Anonymous Workplace Reporting: Empowering Employees and Unveiling Benefits for Companies

    Anonymous workplace reporting is where employees or any other stakeholders of a business or organization notify the relevant person in that organization of unethical or illegal conduct, without fear of recrimination.

    3 min read
    anonymous reporting whistleblowing
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    Anonymous Reporting: How to Encourage Employees to Speak Up Without Fear

    These days, the presence of an anonymous whistleblowing channel is an absolute must for all companies and organizations serious about fostering a positive working environment.

    4 min read

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