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Support your students in the fight against bullying and other issues. Turn bystanders into helpers and teach students to speak up instead of joining the silent majority.

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Anonymously report bullying and help yourself or a classmate. Be aware of your surroundings and become a hero.


Be your learners' support. Show them that you care about their safety. Sign your school up for FaceUp.


Do you know about any problems happening in a class your child attends? Don't worry about intervening. Contact the school's leadership through FaceUp.

Why learners prefer FaceUp

Bullying is a sensitive topic, and not everyone feels comfortable discussing it – fear of an aggressor or not knowing who to talk to are just two common reasons. With FaceUp, a learner or a parent can report bullying anonymously. We deliberately don't ask who the aggressor is; we care more about the victim and helping him or her. All reports are delivered directly to the schools' designated staff members whose role is to deal with such issues.

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