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Fight bullying with a powerful ally. FaceUp has got your back!

Every day, thousands of students don't go to school out of fear. Let's change it together! With FaceUp, each and every student can feel safe at school.

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Report Form

Reporting App

Through our website and mobile app, your students can anonymously report bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, mental health concerns, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, drug addiction and other issues their peers are facing to their school counselors.

Reports Managment

Reports Management

When it comes to your students' safety, every report might be an opportunity to save a life. Deal with them, all conveniently in one place, and rest assured that not a single issue raised by a student will go unnoticed. On top of that, you can easily monitor your staff's progress with specific issues, let others learn from it and add your own cases.



The dashboard presents you with all of the important data about the things happening at your school. See how many cases you received at a specific period of time. Find out where the cases are happening, in which grades and how many are relevant.

Custom Response

Custom response

You can easily manage and edit your automatic response to a person submitting the report via the FaceUp website. You can share a profile and contact information, including a picture of your assigned person responsible for handling these issues.

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School Account Settings

In the FaceUp administration, you can also add new users and manage your contact details, notification settings or passwords.

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Materials & Tips

We have prepared all of the necessary materials and tips for school counsellors and other staff on how to address bullying and psychosocial problems. In the administration you'll also find answers to frequently asked questions, videos and much more.

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Get certified

We appreciate your effort in fighting bullying with FaceUp. After the registration, we'll send you a certificate that can be placed on your school's entrance and your website.

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Data Security

We at FaceUp take your privacy very seriously. Currently, we comply with the Regulation No. 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, which sets the highest privacy and data protection standard in the world.

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